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 Enjoy the duel benefits of guard dogs – protection and support




Dogs are the best friend of humans. Humans can rely on them for their daily chores and security. Dogs are the most faithful living beings. The use of dogs in armed forces prove that they can used as guards. The high sniffing ability and aggressive nature against the enemies make them the perfect choice for this job.


Dogs are suggested by psychologists to release hypertension. People who are suffering from anxiety cannot spend their life normally. They need to have a certain companion for spending their life as a normal individual. An ESA letter is issued by a psychologist to a patient who is suffering from  severe depression and anxiety also it will help you in Flying with an Emotional Support Animal. This letter is kind of a prescription to keep dogs or other animals as a relief from anxiety. 



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Such kind of letter helps a person suffering from mental disorder to take their dogs to public places. These dogs are like life partners to them. There are various kind of dogs who are used as emotional support animal. Mostly such breeds are small cute and adorable. But some dog breeds are used for security purposes to guard houses. The breed of guard dogs are both adorable and furious. 


Guard dogs are famous for their active mind and obey HUD laws. They can sense when something is wrong. No artificially build machine can take over the senses of a guard dog. Security is a need for everyone. If you try to hire a bodyguard there are many disadvantages. The most prominent disadvantage is the risk of bring cheated. A bodyguard can cheat you but a dog cannot. They will always remain faithful. Another disadvantage is that having a bodyguard you have to pay him heavy fee while a dogs just require some food and attention. 


A bodyguard cannot match the 24/7 attentiveness of a dog. Emotional Support Animal Resource of Such breeds protect you in your life. You are safe from chances of robbery. You are safe from street criminals when you have your guard dogs with you. You feel safe whenever you go out with your guard dogs or when you are sleeping. 


Such dogs not only provide you protection but they can also support you. This support is in the form of emotional attachment, stress relief and maintaining fitness. There is no other species that can provide you with all such benefits. The best guard dogs are the ones that provide you emotional support as well. This duel nature makes them useful.Know about how do you qualify for an emotional support animal.


Among the attributes of guard dogs, intelligence is the most important one. The best feature of these canines are that they can adopt new patterns quickly. With the help of this attribute they can learn new techniques very fast. That’s why they are used in national security forces. They are used by customs to detect illegal export of banned materials, mainly drugs. For this purpose they are trained day and night. No other animal has the capacity to learn these abilities. 


They are used in anti terrorist squads. Because, they are trained to fight against the terrorist and can track them easily. They are used in the bomb squads because they are trained to sniff explosive materials. Such attributes are not common in other animals. Even among the dog breeds guard dogs are the ones with such characteristics. 


If you want to keep a pet that could support you and protect you at the same time, guard dogs are the best choice. You should keep them and take care of them so that they could live longer. They require attention and physical exercises to remain active and fit and those are benefits of esa for your health also.


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